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Complete German

Learn to read, write, speak and listen with our Complete German course. Whatever your situation may be, our content (think everything from German grammar to vocabulary, for beginners to more advanced learners) has got you covered.

Learn German for Travel with Busuu's online course

German for Travel

If you’re considering taking a trip to a German-speaking country, you might like our German for Travel course. Whether you’re starting from scratch and are looking to learn basics for travel, or already know a little, our course will help ensure you master everything you need.

Practice German pronunciation with Busuu

German Pronunciation

Our specialised German Pronunciation lessons will guide you through the alphabet and its various sounds. Learn how to pronounce words properly by listening to our audio recordings, and practice with our interactive exercises and Conversation feature.

How to learn German quickly and effectively

Learn German online in 10 minutes a day

1. Start with 10 minutes

Begin learning the basics or at a more advanced level by trying your first online German lesson for free. Why 10 minutes? Research shows that learning in small, 10-minute chunks is best.

Track your German progress with Busuu's Study Plan

2. Track your progress

Stay motivated as you learn to speak German by keeping tabs on your progress. With our Study Plan, you can check things like Fluency Score and the words you’ve learned each week.

Make lots of mistakes when learning German online

3. Make lots of mistakes

Whether you’re learning basic German grammar or advanced vocabulary, making mistakes is the quickest way to learn – and it’s easy, thanks to the practice you’ll get with our Conversation feature.

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