Hobbies and everyday situations

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Dive into the world of media, advertising and internet. You’ll also learn vocabulary to use at the bank, hairdresser and other social situations. The English grammar we’ll look at are relative clauses and narrative tenses. You’ll also get a chance to talk about your gardening skills and interest in outdoor activities.

Media and advertising - Lesson 9

In this unit we’ll look at some media-related English words and phrases. Learn how to talk about ads and promotions and discuss new TV campaigns you’ve seen.

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The internet - Lesson 9

Let’s talk about the internet. Learn useful expressions such as “to surf the net”, “to click”, “broadband” and “to restart”.

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More relative clauses - Lesson 9

In this English grammar unit we’ll look at the difference between non-defining and defining relative clauses. You’ll be able to practise using the relative pronouns “who”, “which” and “whose”.

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At the bank - Lesson 10

Learn essential English vocabulary to use at the bank. You’ll be able to “open a bank account”, ask about “interest” and “charges” and apply for a “loan”.

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At the hairdresser’s - Lesson 10

This English vocabulary unit will help you feel safe at the hairdresser’s. Discuss your “dandruff” and get a “wash and blow dry” or a “perm”.

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Time to get social - Lesson 10

This cool English vocabulary unit will introduce you to some new English phrasal verbs to talk about relationships and spending your free time: “to meet up”, “to chat up”, “to pick up”, “to catch up” and many more.

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My garden - Lesson 11

In this nature-centred vocabulary unit you’ll learn all about plants and flowers so you can describe your garden.

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Outdoor sports - Lesson 11

This unit contains useful English vocabulary to describe adventurous sports you may like with words and phrases such as “bungee-jumping”, “canyoning” and “kayaking”.

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Narrative tenses - Lesson 11

This super interesting English grammar unit is all about the narrative tenses. Learn to combine the past simple, past continuous and past perfect tenses to tell stories.

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