Introductions and greetings

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Your introduction to English starts with introductions! Learn how to introduce yourself, ask someone how they are and get started with English grammar. You’ll learn your first English verb “to be” and get to know the personal pronouns.

Hello, nice to meet you! - Lesson 1

Hi there! Welcome to Busuu! Learn to introduce yourself and start a simple English conversation.

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How are you? - Lesson 2

How are you doing? Learn to ask people how they are feeling and how to answer when asked about your wellbeing.

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The English verb “to be” - Lesson 2

This is your first English verb! Learn how to conjugate and use the very useful verb “to be”.

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Personal pronouns in English - Lesson 3

Your first English grammar unit: you’ll learn English personal pronouns (I, you, he / she / it, we, you, they) and start using them in sentences.

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Useful conversation skills - Review unit

In your first review unit you’ll be able to practise what you’ve learned so far. You’ll review the verb “to be” and practise your conversational skills with practical English phrases such as:

  • “Pretty good”
  • “Sure”
  • “Not bad”
  • “I know how you feel”

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