Talking about the weather and making plans

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In this section we’ll learn how to use the past simple tense, the present continuous tense and negation of verbs, as well as the present simple tense and comparatives. Learn to describe what your day has been like, make plans for the weekend and talk about the weather.

Months in English - Lesson 19

In this unit we’ll look into how to say the months of the year in English.

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English numbers - Lesson 19

Learn the numbers from 10 to 30! You’ll be able to count in English and learn how to ask for the price of things.

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Ordinal numbers - Lesson 19

This English grammar unit looks at ordinal numbers “first”, “second”, “third”, etc. You’ll be able to order objects and give the date.

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Shops - Lesson 20

It’s time to go shopping! Learn the English terms for different shops such as butcher’s, greengrocer's, bakery, bookshop as well as some essential verbs you’ll need to go shopping: to sell and to buy. You’ll also learn how to say if a shop is open or closed.

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English questions - Lesson 20

In this English grammar unit you’ll construct different types of questions with the English verbs “to do”, “to be” and “can” / “can’t”.

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Learn more question words in English - Lesson 20

It’s time to ask some questions! In this grammar unit we’ll look at the English question words “where”, “how” and “why” and how to use them with the verbs “can”, “to do” and “to be”.

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Let’s go to the bar - Lesson 21

Do you want to get a drink? Learn useful English vocabulary to use in a bar, choose drinks from the menu and order a drink from the waiter.

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Polite words and expressions - Lesson 21

We’ll use English expressions to make polite requests like “can I”, “please”, “I would like” and “I’d like”.

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Ask for directions - Lesson 22

Where is the station? Learn how to ask for directions and be able to give directions using the instructions with verbs such as “take”, “go”, “turn”, “cross”, “find” and “walk”.

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Imperatives - Lesson 22

In this English grammar unit we’ll look at giving instructions and making suggestions using the imperatives “take”, “continue” and “stay”. We’ll also learn to construct negative imperatives with “don’t”.

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Prepositions of movement - Lesson 22

In this last unit of the English A1 course we’ll look at prepositions of movement and direction:

  • “into”
  • “out of”
  • “over”
  • “under”
  • “through”
  • “around”
  • “towards”
  • “across”
  • “past”
  • “along”
  • “to”

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