Health complaints and advice

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This section of the English course looks at health issues, how to talk about ailments and illnesses as well as different lifestyles. The grammar units focus on reported speech and concludes the present perfect tense with a unit that dives still deeper into the topic - you’ll be able to use it effortlessly in any situation.

Getting ill - Lesson 18

We’ll look at different ways of talking about health issues. Learn how to describe your condition and talk about different types of aches and illnesses.

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Reported speech - Lesson 18

Learn how to tell someone what you’ve been told by changing the tense and using the verbs “to tell” and “to say”.

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Healthy food - Lesson 19

Let’s talk about healthy lifestyles! In this English vocabulary unit you’ll learn lots of useful words to talk about healthy food and lifestyles.

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Master the present perfect - Lesson 19

Our last grammar unit about the present perfect tense. We’ll show you how to make the distinction between asking someone if they have done something recently and ever in their life. You’ll be able to construct questions as well as negative and positive sentences in the present perfect tense.

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