Work and school

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This section of the English course focuses on vocabulary that will help you discuss topics such as education, work and asking for and giving permission. The grammar units focus on verb patterns, the past simple tense and the past continuous tense.

School and university - Lesson 5

We’ll look at English vocabulary needed to talk about primary education, secondary school, college and university. We’ll deep dive into subjects taught at school or university: economics, politics, geography, history, art, science, math and modern languages.

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Past simple - Lesson 5

Let’s look at how to form and use the past simple tense for regular verbs as well as a few irregular verbs:

  • to go
  • to make
  • to write
  • to read

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Learn in English - Lesson 6

Let’s talk about school! You’ll learn lots of useful verbs and phrases such as “to learn”, “to listen“, “to take an exam”, “to make a mistake” and “to pass”. You’ll also look at irregular verbs and learn the different meanings of “to get”: “to fetch”, “to receive”, “to attain” and “to become”.

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Past simple - Lesson 6

In this English grammar unit you’ll learn to use negative forms and questions with the past simple tense.

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First day at work - Lesson 7

In this unit we’ll focus on Business English vocabulary to talk about your job and items in your office. We’ll also look at nouns that can be used as verbs (email, call).

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Permission phrases - Lesson 7

Learn to ask for and give permission with the English phrases “Do you mind if...”, “Could I...?”, “May I…?” and “Go ahead”, “Of course”, “Sure”.

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Verb patterns - Lesson 7

Express your needs, wants and feelings using verb patterns with “to want”, “to like”, “to prefer”, “to need” and “to love”.

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Past continuous - Lesson 8

Use the past continuous tense to describe temporary actions that were in progress in the past. We’ll also look at questions and negative forms of the past continuous tense in this English grammar unit.

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Past continuous and Past simple - Lesson 8

It’s not time to combine our past tenses! We use the past continuous tense with the past simple tense to talk about something that happened in the past at the same time as something else happened. The construct is formed “past continuous + when + past simple” and “past simple + while + past continuous”.

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